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handicraft: ˈhandɪkrɑːft/    “activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand.”

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We are an Exclusive and Sourcing Company, offering exclusive Handicraft products directly from Artisans in India. We are a Premier Handicraft Exporter in India, supplying to Pan World locations including Asian Continents, European region including (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France), Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States of America (USA), Russia and many more regions.

We offer Exclusive Handmade Export Quality Products including Handbags, Handmade Clutches, Handloom Jholas, Handmade Bedsheets, Bed Covers, Home Furnishing, Decor Items, Handmade Wall Hangings, Hand Embroidered Umbrellas, Handmade Garments, Handmade Cushion Covers, Wooden Artifacts etc. The Beauty of these products are they are handmade so cannot be replicated, hence giving one unique imprint for each product.

Exclusive Collection of Unique Handmade Handbags in amazing different Styles.

Banjara Sling Bag

Handpicked Collection of Banjara Sling Bags

Handwoven Jholas

Handpicked Collection of Handicraft Handwoven Jholas

Antique Kilim Hand Bags

Exclusive Antique Kilim Travel & Laptop Bags

Banjara Hand Bags

Exclusive Banjarai Handbags Collection

Banjara Genuine Leather Flap Clutch

Exclusive Banjara Leather Clutch

Suede Leather Premium Sling

Exclusive Suede Leather Premium Sling Collection

Handmade Bucket Bags

Exclusive Handmade Bucket Bags Collection

 Home Decor

Exclusive Collection of  Home Decor Collections

Embroidered Umbrellas

Colorful Collection of Embroidered Umbrellas in different sizes
Handmade Wall Hanging

Handmade Wall Hangings

Amazing Handmade Wall Hanging Collection

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