Banjara Sling Bag

Exclusive Banjara Sling Export Quality Bags in attractive style and patterns for International Market. Traditional and Ethnic Indian Banjara Sling bags which can be used as a perfect accessory in your wardrobe. These can also be used to carry your tablets. These sling bags are made of patchwork of recycled textiles and further embellished with embroidery, mirror work and or artificial coins. Handbag includes a zipper, magnetic snap and a string so you can easily use as a shoulder sling also. Each piece is unique and cannot be replicated.

Banjara Handwork Sling bag

Handcrafter Banjara Sling Bag

Banjara Handmade Sling Bag

Classy Banjara Sling Bag

Handmade Banjara Sling Handbag

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Banjara Sling with Carpet Stitch Bag

Banjara Carpet Stitched Fancy Sling Handbag

Banjara Carpet Stitched Classic Sling Bag

Banjara Carpet Stitched Sling Handbag

Banjara Sling with Pompoms Bag

Banjara Tablet Sling with Pompoms Handbag

Banjara Embroidered Sling Pompoms Bags

Banjara Sling with Pompoms Handbag

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