Handmade Embroidered Umbrella

Embroidered Umbrella are Known by different names as Embroidered Umbrella, Handmade Umbrellas, Embroidered Umbrellas, Rajasthani Umbrellas, Hand Embroidered Umbrellas, Ethnic Umbrellas, Traditional Umbrellas, Multicolor Umbrellas, Multicolor Embroidered Umbrellas.

These beautifully embroidered cotton umbrellas in vibrant colors can be used as a fashion accessory to enhance your look or use it as a home decorating item. These are printed umbrellas with thread embroidery in intricate designs. The embroideries are done intricately with the use of very colorful threads and further embellished with sequins and beads. The handle of the umbrella is J shaped and covered with colored cloth.

We are the Top Handmade Embroidered Umbrella Supplier, Exporter in Mumbai, India, Supplying to Retails, Malls, Stores, Handicraft Stores, Gift Stores, Weddings, Wedding Organizer, Events, Event Organizers, Hotels, Restaurants, Parties, Film Shoots, Movie Sets, Film Locations, Production Houses, Children Stores, Kids Shops etc.

These Embroidered Umbrellas are exported to Pan World locations including Asian Continents, Eurpean region including (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France), Australia, New Zealand, United States of America (USA), Russia and many more regions.

The Embroidered umbrellas are available in 2 sizes.
Small: 25 inches open diameter
Medium: 36 inches open diameter

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Garden Embroidered Umbrella

These  Handmade Garden Embroidered Umbrella gives an aesthetic look for any location. The Garden Embroidered Umbrellas are widely used for Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Fim Shoots, Film Sets, Parties etc.

These umbrellas are available in 72 inches open diameter

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