Genuine Leather Banjara Handbags

Cultural Trolley brings to you exclusive and vintage Banjara leather bag made of authentic intricate hand embroidered fabric. This classic piece is a perfect combination of style and elegance personified the bohemian way. Leather travel bags blended with handmade Banjara embroidered patches. Perfect for every day use


Genuine Leather Handbag Banjara Work

Genuine Leather  Banjara Dr Handbag

Genuine Leather Classic Banjara Handbag

Genuine Leather Banjara Handbag

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Genuine Leather Banjara Travel Handbags


Genuine Leather Patchwork Banjara Travel Bag

Banjara Classic Leather Travel Bag

Genuine Leather Travel Bag with Embroidery

Genuine Leather Embroidered Banjara Handmade Travel Bag

GenuineLeather Banjara Handwork Travel Bag

Banjara Artistic Exclusive Leather Travel Hand Bag

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