Handmade Wall Hanging

Exclusive Handmade Wall Hanging Collection with Artistic, Unique and Exquisite Quality. Yes these Wall Hangings are a must have for every home that reflects the Handicraft touch. Each piece is creatively put together by the artisan by recycling royal trousseau and hence what you choose will be yours exclusively. Sequins, stones, beads and much much more. Cultural Trolley presents the very creative and awe-inspiring range of wall hangings. Each piece is handmade with a collection of rich and heavily embroidered patches of textiles sourced from across the borders.

These Wall Hangings are all hand made with patchworks and they come in various designs and colors to fit in according to your taste. Exported in various different patterns, designs and sizes as per market requirement through out the world. These Artistic Wall Hangings are greatly admired in various Markets like: Europe, Australia, Asia, USA, New Zealand and we are the premier supplier of these articles in India.

Multicolor Handmade Wall Hanging

Khambadia Handcrafted Wall Hanging

Patchwork Handmade Wall Hanging

Handcrafted Wall Hanging

Khambadia Handmade Wall Hanging

Patchwork Wall Hanging

Handmade Wall Hanging

Multicolor Patchwork Wall Hanging

Multicolor Patchwork Wall Hanging

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